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Bradley Grossman, DC

Chiropractor located in Chelsea, New York, NY

Dr. Bradley Grossman and his staff serve patients who live throughout the greater New York City, New York area, including those who live in the Chelsea area. The doctor offers all levels of Wellness Care to provide his patient with the most effective treatment options possible.

Wellness Care Q&A

What is Body and Mind Wellness?

Body and mind wellness are like two sides of the same coin. One compliments the other. If only one is achieved, the results will be short-lived. Body and mind wellness focuses on healing the body as well as the mind. When a person is injured, their ability to fully heal will depend on their state of mind. If they are depressed and in constant pain, the healing process will be slow and tedious. If their spirit is up and they are looking forward to resuming their daily activities or other hobbies, they are more likely to heal faster and do what it takes to get back on track. The body and mind wellness concept is based on balance. Maintaining balance between the body and mind allows for faster, more complete healing and a more positive outlook for the future.

How is Massage Therapy Beneficial for Pain Management?

Massage therapy plays an essential role in pain management for several reasons. The kneading of the tissues stimulates blood flow and helps to keep the muscles strong and resilient. It encourages the healing process through improved circulation. Massage therapy not only manipulates the soft tissues, it breaks up and helps to flush away toxins that can become lodged in the muscles. Massage therapy also involves the concept of therapeutic touch. Therapeutic touch is relaxing and allows a person's stress to be relieved. Muscle tension that is caused by high levels of stress can increase both pain and inflammation. Deep tissue massage in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture create a well-rounded pain management plan.

What are the Basics of Wellness Care?

Wellness care involves several different elements that work together to create a positive healing response. Nutrition, body and mind wellness, ice therapy, and deep tissue massage can all be used in conjunction with one another to create a care plan that addresses health issues that affect both the body and the mind. Wellness care addresses the needs of the mind as well as the body. When a person experiences a great deal of pain or discomfort, it will affect their mental and emotional health. To be completely healthy, both the body and the mind must be in balance and functioning at their best at all times.